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Vallecito Facts

Vallecito Lake has been home to many groups of people over the years. Native American groups such as the Utes were known to be here as far back as the inhabitants of Mesa Verde. The Spanish sent their conquistadors through as well. Not until the mid 1800s did other settlers move into the Valley. One may pick up a copy of “Vallecito Country, published in 2003 by Dottie Warlick, to learn more about the nomadic tribes, Europeans searching for gold, and the homesteaders moving west searching for a livelihood.

  • Vallecito is located in Southwestern Colorado, approximately 18 miles northeast of Durango
  • Vallecito, pronounced “Vay-uh-see-toe”, is spanish for “Little Valley”
  • The Vallecito Dam was built between 1938-1941, and boasts 12 miles of shoreline
  • Vallecito is 8000+ feet in elevation
  • Vallecito’s has winter average temperatures that range from highs in the 80s to lows in the 50s. Winter temperatures range between highs in the 40s and lows in the 10s
  • There are approximately 500 year-round residents
  • Vallecito borders 2.5 million acres of public land on all sides, specifically the San Juan National Forest and the Weminuche Wilderness Area.